Dear Hardtop enthusiasts,

since May last year we have been working hard to bring you a Bathurst motorsport event that you would not forget. When we announced the dates for HTA 2017, we did so in good faith believing that the agreement we had with Bathurst Regional Council and the Bathurst Light Car club was good, and there was no reason to believe there would be any issues.

However, a couple of weeks ago we were informed that there was a problem and we may not be able to use the circuit. Since then we have continued to negotiate with the two parties to overcome this issue.

This morning I received a call from circuit management to inform us that running any type of motorsport event on Mt Panorama is not possible. Due to a contractual agreement between the Bathurst Regional Council and the “Challenge Bathurst” event to be held on the third weekend in November, we are unable to utilise the circuit for any form of competitive motorsport, or conduct any other activity at Mt Panorama on the allocated HTA weekend.

This is not something that we had anticipated, and we are very disappointed to say the least. Our motorsport partners have now moved their event to the end of November.

We respect the fact that you have no doubt applied for leave and made travel and accommodation arrangements, so moving the dates again is not an option. We will still be doing laps of the Mt Panorama circuit as part of the weekend’s activities and as responsible motorists, we will comply with NSW road laws and not exceed the 60km/h speed limit.

We want to make your HTA experience as complete and enjoyable as possible.